Samuel Wood

Director of Education and Curriculum Development

Sam Wood is honored to take on the challenges and joys of the Director of Education & Curriculum Development at the DCPA. He earned his master’s degree in Acting from the National Theatre Conservatory and sees the DCPA as a home-base for creativity and growth. During graduate school, he discovered his passion for theatre extended beyond performance. Sam was a teaching artist for the fledgling DCPA Education Department. He quickly fell in love with the complexities and rewards from creating evidence-based curriculum and lesson planning. Over the next 35 years, his career was consistently a combination of acting, directing, and teaching. Sam has created curriculum for programs and classrooms ranging from K-12 schools to colleges and universities. Some his favorite projects have been implementing an interactive theatre-base curriculum for nursing students examining inclusion and diversity as health strategies, building a senior thesis program for the theatre majors at the Charleston County School of the Arts, and the creation of youth leadership counsels using theatre and film to promote community health equity for Kaiser Permanente. Sam has performed and directed since he was 19 years old, including acting and directing for Piccolo Spoleto USA.