Living History

“You have taught me something that will be with me for a lifetime.”
— West High School student

Living History is an engaging multi-day performance and workshop presented in high schools by professional teaching artists of the Denver Center Theatre Academy.

Our actors present four dramatic scenes to the entire student body, which later become a springboard for  in-class, interactive exercises that both challenge and engage your students. For instance, a scene from To Kill a Mockingbird might become the basis of a critical thinking game that transitions into a debate about the post-9/11 treatment of Arab Americans.

Rooted in respect for other’s beliefs, these activities encourage your students to discuss their personal connections and opinions of current and historical events, which help them discover that throughout time, people much like themselves have wrestled with dilemmas that offer no easy solutions.

Held each fall, Living History not only helps students make informed decisions, but also enhances studies in language arts, social studies, history and theatre. Contact us at 303.446.4851 to make a reservation.