Dramatic Learning

“…one student had never spoken until our program. You can make a difference by combining theatre & education.” — Alison Shetter

Take a dramatic approach to your subjects with our innovative Dramatic Learning™ program. Tailored to enrich or supplement the basic curricula for any grade level, we apply the dramatic arts in an interactive way. Contact us at 303.893.6006 to schedule Dramatic Learning™ for your school.

Dramatic Learning™ is designed to meet Colorado Model Content Standards. Sessions may be held in your classroom or off-site in our educational facility and include an overview, warm-up and clean-up time. Costs cover 30 participants (though more students may participate for an additional fee) and a certified teacher. Dramatic Learning™:

  • integrates the arts into your curriculum through active student involvement 
  • helps students discover principles in math, science, social studies, language arts and health 
  • shows your students how the arts express a wide range of human experiences and encourages them to make connections to their own cultural heritages 
  • incorporates problem solving, critical and imaginative thinking while applying to multiple learning styles

Stage 1: Workshop
Prices start at $75 per workshop* 

One 45- to 60-minute individual workshop tailored or chosen from pre-existing topics. Up to five workshops can be scheduled per day. 

Stage 2: Package
Prices start at $150* 

Three to five consecutive (45- to 60-minute) classroom workshops on these topics:

  • Colorado History
  • Civil Rights
  • Historical Biography
  • Animal Classification
  • Water Cycle
  • Digestive System
  • Page to Stage (Literacy)
  • Introduction to the TCAP (3rd grade only)
  • Introduction to Shakespeare
  • Playwriting
  • Poetry

Stage 3: Multi-day residency
Prices start at $250*
For a more in-depth experience, we offer five or more 45- to 60-minute workshops on a subject that meets your needs. Guidance and planning time of a participating classroom teacher is essential and residencies often end with a culminating activity.

Stage 4: Professional Development Partnership
Prices start at $100*
Integrate Dramatic Learning™ into your teaching style by teaming with our instructors to research, develop and teach the curriculum of your choice. We’ll join you for eight or more 45- to 60-minute sessions and, depending on the length of the partnership, you may be eligible to receive two renewal credits through the Colorado Department of Education. Prerequisite: Stage 2 or 3 (above).

* Design workshops may incur additional costs for materials.