The Women's Voices Fund 
The Denver Center for the Performing Arts would like to recognize its Women’s Voices Fund Members: (as of June 2013)


*Dina Brudenell Altman
Dina Brudenell Altman in honor of Edward F. Altman, Jr.
American Zang Education Foundation Inc. - The Greiner Family
Geary Anderson in honor of Alicia Anderson
Lee and Sheri Archer
*Carol Atha
Carol Atha in honor of Carolee D. Atha
Carol Atha in honor of Bette Haerther
Ursula Awad
Barbara Shannon-Bannister
Maureen Kelly Barker
Mary Reisher Berlin
Fran Berlin
Gail Classon Berliner
Barbara Bridges
Brown Family Foundation
Diane Bryant
*Joy S. Burns
Merle C. Chambers
Janette W. Chase in honor of Christina J. and Kathryn M. Chase
*Isabelle Clark
Elaine J. Collins
Jack & Suzanne Collins in memory of Joyce A. Korgan
Andrea Warner Crispe
Jill I. Crow
*Katie Cymbala
*Dorothy Denny in memory of Barbara Denny Rottkamp
Dorothy Denny in honor of Emily Stanford
Pam Duke
Charleen Dunn
Sharon Dwinnell in honor of my sister Peggy Harrington
*Dianne G. Eddolls
*Anita Edwards in memory Ty Jurras
*Bobbie Farris
Natley Farris
*Lois Felt
Heather Fitzgerald
Adrienne Ruston Fitzgibbons
Wilbur Flachman in honor of Dr. Marilyn Flachman
Nancy Follett
Katie Fox
Margot Gilbert Frank
Jeannie Fuller in honor of Florence Smith
Stephanie Weeks Gamble in honor of Sarah Weeks Gamble
Lynn Marie Gangone in honor of The Women's College of DU
Robert S. Garner in memory of Dorothy Garner
Sally R. Gass & Alan G. Gass
Peter B. Gregory in honor of my wife Ann M. Gregory
*Celeste Grynberg
*Noel Hefty
Laura L. Hill
Elizabeth Holt
Dianne Honig
Ms. Denise Horton
Jeff Hovorka in honor of Patricia Hovorka
Tara Hefty Hume
Georgia R. Imhoff
Pat Wooster Jackson
Craig Johnson in honor of my wife Lisa Daniel-Johnson
Gail Johnson
Michael Karmil in honor of Eleanor Karmil
Susan Kiely in honor of my daughter Whitney Moehle
Holly Arnold Kinney in honor of Mary Fox Arnold
Diana W. Kinsey
Elizabeth Kirkpatrick
Karolynn Lestrud
Deborah Loftness in memory of Mary C. Hess
Lee Maes in honor of Dr. Kathryn G. Maes
Kathleen McCall
Carol McEnroe (Phipps)
Judy McNeil
*Michael A. Meisinger in honor of Rosemary Meisinger
*Vicky Miles
Jeff Munn & Shellie Ruston Munn
Judi Newman
Northern Trust Bank in honor of Jeannie Fuller
Peggy Notebaert
Nancy & Paul Oberman in honor of our daughter Jordana Oberman
*M. Ann Padilla
Debra J. Perry
*Perry Mansfield Performing Arts School & Camp in honor of Charlotte Perry and
Portia Mansfield
Linda Plaut
*Jane J. Prancan
Quinette Family Fund in honor of Luella Mockett
Fran Quinlan in honor of Alan Bromley
*Elizabeth J. Rave
*Mary Carol Riaski
*Tina Risch in honor of Cheryl and Rachel Caufield
Tina Risch in memory of Karen Knudsen
Walter Rosenberry & Susan Bonsall
*Molly O. Ross
Carol Ann Rothman in honor of my granddaughters Brielle and Kara
*Ms. Peggy Rottner
Florence Ruston
Roselyn Saunders
Dutchess Scheitler
*Donald R. Seawell in honor of Eugenia Rawls
Donald R. Seawell in honor of my collaborator, Judi Wolf
*Alison Shetter
Ruth Silver
*Carole Slosky
Carole Slosky – in honor of Bob Slosky’s service as a DCPA Trustee
Sarah Steinberg
Janet Swinburn
Bea Taplin
Kate Taucher in honor of Katherine A. May
Sandy Tenenbaum/Occasions by Sandy
June Travis
Lester L. Ward in honor of Rosalind H. Ward
*Randy Weeks in honor of Joan Watson Weeks
Randy Weeks in memory of Esther M. Weeks
Carol E. Wolf
Judi Wolf in honor of Donald R. Seawell
Christine Yaros in honor of Catherine Hein

Associate Members

Associate Members
Renée Duncan
Jennifer Fleming
*Griffith Family Trust
Ryan Maier
Essie Perlmutter

Other Generous Donations

Georgia Akey
Mitzi Brodnax
Risa Friskey
Kathryn Bates Gavin
Kathy Graveley
Montine Hansl
Elizabeth Hickman
Yvette Hunt
Pam Josephs
Marilyn Koeplin
Elena Sandoval-Lucero
Media Salad
Margaret O’Keefe
* Paula Rosson
Missy Stolberg
Christine Tatum
Sandra Roberts-Taylor
Beverley Turnley
Susan Weinstein
Irma Wilborn
Marilyn Wolf
Diedre Wooden
Suzanne Yoe

*Multiple Gifts