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We’re in the OFF-season!

Thank you for your interest in Off-Center. Our fourth season wrapped on May 8, 2015. Productions and dates for next season will be announced this summer. Sign up for our monthly newsletter to receive our season announcement, and follow us on Facebook, Twitter, or Instagram to keep up while you’re goofing OFF.

Off-Center @ The Jones

Everything we do is guided by the five ingredients below, mixed to taste:


  • Extending the experience before, during and after the show and beyond the traditional performance space
  • Audiences influence and interact, they don’t just watch


  • Incorporating a variety of art forms
  • New and unexpected uses of technology to engage (not isolate) the audience


  • Building community
  • Collaborating with and fostering local talent


  • A lab to test new forms, ideas and technologies
  • Challenging the rules, formalities and definitions of theatre


  • In conversation with pop and Internet culture
  • Centered around the work of current artists

The Recipe was created and tested through the Innovation Lab for the Performing Arts. It was written by Amy Allison, Laurence Curry, Melissa Dibble, Seth Holt, Douglas Langworthy, Samantha Long, Cara Miale, Charlie Miller, Rick Noble, Emily Tarquin, and Kent Thompson.


Check out ArtsFwd for more of our story.



Off-Center’s signature night of unrehearsed, unscripted theatre featuring the fast-talking and quick-thinking talents of some of Denver’s best improv performers.

Directed by Emily Tarquin
Curated by Charlie Miller and Emily Tarquin



Drag star Shirley Delta Blow retells Lord of the Flies with delightful dancind, magnificent music, irreverent improve, and lots and lots of glitter.

Shirley Delta Blow’s retelling of Lord of the Flies
Conceived by Emily Tarquin
Developed by Stuart Sanks
Choreographed by Michael Emmit and Grady Soapes
Directed by Michael Emmit
Curated by Charlie Miller and Emily Tarquin


Off-Center presents Boulder Ensemble Theatre Company’s

A holiday show for the rest of us.

By David Sedaris
Adapted by Joe Mantello
Directed by Stephen Weitz
Starring Matt Zambrano



Kickstarter meets lives performance as local projects strut their stuff to enlist your support.

Created and Directed by Charlie Miller
Curated by Charlie Miller and Emily Tarquin



CULT FOLLOWING: theatre is the new movies

A live, unscripted movie created by six actors in the style of a movie genre selected by the audience.

Created by Jessica Robblee and Allison Watrous
Based on an original concept by Emily Tarquin
Curated by Charlie Miller and Emily Tarquin

: the scariest game show ever

A live taping of a new game show where contestants from the audience compete in everyday tasks made terrifyingly difficult. The winner gets cash, the loser has to spin the dreaded Wheel of Misfortune.

Created, Directed and Curated by Charlie Miller and Emily Tarquin
Developed by Emily K. Harrison, Bruce Montgomery, and Mark Sonnenblick

: the live realization of true stories

Three stories from Denver locals brought to life on stage with music, video, puppets, and aerial dance.

In Collaboration with The Narrators and Frequent Flyers® Aerial Dance
True stories by Jeff Campbell, Timmi Lasley and Kelly Shortandqueer
Directed by Michael Emmitt, Steven Cole Hughes, Samantha Long and Brad McKinzie
Curated by Charlie Miller and Emily Tarquin


CULT FOLLOWING: theatre is the new movies

A monthly live movie in real 3-D where six recurring actors improvise their way through a story that intertwines movie moments selected by the audience.

Created and Directed by Jessica Robblee and Allison Watrous
Based on an original concept by Emily Tarquin
Curated by Charlie Miller and Emily Tarquin

: a drag queen time machine

Captain Shirley Delta Blow takes on us a journey through the history of drag and the gay rights movement.

Created and Directed by Emily Tarquin
Developed by Stuart Sanks
Curated by Charlie Miller and Emily Tarquin

: photography meets audio meets dance

An experiment in isolated collaboration: ten original photographs, inspired ten different audio recordings that became the backdrop and soundtrack for a live dance performance.

Concept by Emily Tarquin
Photography by Jennifer Davidson of Lucé
Audio by Bop Skizzum, Ryan Conway and Kevin Dykstra, Danielle Ate the Sandwich, Bobby Dartt, Kyle Dickey, Tom Hagerman, Julie Stratton, Andy Sydow, Varlet and Wire Faces
Choreography by 3rd Law Dance/Theater, under the direction of Katie Elliot and Jim LaVita
Curated by Charlie Miller and Emily Tarquin

: improv on bikes

A fully improvised indoor biking adventure led by two performers and a musician accompanying the action on a fully equipped musical tricycle.

Created by Meridith Grundei
Developed by Gary Grundei, Meridith Grundei, Brian McManus and Mare Trevathan
Directed by Mare Trevathan
Curated by Charlie Miller and Emily Tarquin


CULT FOLLOWING: theatre is the new movies

A monthly live movie where six recurring actors improvise their way through a story that incorporates five movie moments suggested by the audience.

Created and Directed by Jessica Robblee and Allison Watrous
Based on an original concept by Emily Tarquin
Curated by Charlie Miller and Emily Tarquin

: a play about a blog about a movie about a book

A celebration of stunt blogger Lawrence Dai’s 365th viewing of Julie & Julia. It began outside of The Jones with Lawrence’s Fan Club and culminated with a screening of the movie complete with live actors, hundreds of pop-up slides, and live stunts like mass onion chopping.

Concept by Charlie Miller
Based on the blog The Lawrence/Julie & Julia Project by Lawrence Dai
Directed and Curated by Charlie Miller and Emily Tarquin

: a Johnny Cash remix

An American Idol style competition where 15 local groups (ranging from folk singers to slam poets to filmmakers to ballerinas to a punk band) performed their best interpretation of Johnny Cash and competed for a $500 cash prize.

Created, Directed and Curated by Charlie Miller and Emily Tarquin

: do you believe in love at first site?

A digitally enhanced one-woman show about finding love online. Performed by one actress surrounded by projections representing the Internet and the 100+ online daters she interviewed.

Written and performed by Luciann Lajoie
With creative guidance by Allison Horsley, Ashlee Temple and Richard Thieriot
Directed by Ashlee Temple
Curated by Charlie Miller and Emily Tarquin


Before Off-Center was Off-Center we launched two prototype shows to experiment with what our programming might be like.


An interactive Wii Baseball game complete with competing teams, concessions, a jumbotron, coaches, live commentators and a mascot.

Directed by Samantha Long
Curated by Charlie Miller and Emily Tarquin


A collaboration of local talent combining all the ingredients of hip hop in one delicious dish.

Created and Directed by Lawrence Curry
Curated by Charlie Miller and Emily Tarquin

Testing Curator:

Charlie Miller (by Emily Tarquin)

Charlie Miller

Charlie Miller has only played beer pong once…and it was with champagne. He threw back his foot-long rat tail at the tender age of eight to get serious about making theatre. He wrote and directed a play about the Lincoln and Kennedy assassinations and tackled the roles of both Jackie Onassis and Mary Todd Lincoln because none of the other boys wanted to play women. Good thing he had a costume room dedicated to this sort of endeavor in his basement. In 5th grade he adapted this play into a screenplay. He then went on to Harvard to study Visual and Environmental Studies (film, video and multimedia production). Always a forward thinker, Charlie knew theatre was entering the digital age and that he wanted to be a part of it. Think Steve Jobs meets Mel Brooks. His honors thesis, username: FAUST, was a multimedia production exploring the mysteries of Internet celebrity. Charlie Miller is the kind of guy that you hate because he is so intelligent and innovative and knows how to do all the technology things that our generation is supposed to know how to do…but you can’t hate him because on top of his amazing talent, he is an amazing friend who will cook you dinner with ingredients from Costco, give you string cheese when he knows you haven’t eaten all day, and rescue you when you’ve ambitiously decided to ride your bike in a monsoon. You don’t get more well-rounded than that. Oh yeah, and he’s also the Theatre Company's award-winning resident Projection Designer (he has designed ten productions in the last four seasons) and creates all the video for Off-Center too!

Producing Curator:

Emily Tarquin (by Charlie Miller)

Emily Tarquin

Emily’s parents knew she was special when they came home to discover that she had flooded the basement because she wanted to go swimming. I imagine they put her in theatre classes so she could put all that “creativity” to good use. Her first role was Indian #8 in Peter Pan and she went on to light up the stages of Upstate New York through middle and high school, making her professional debut as the tap dancing Pig in State Fair, The Musical. She was the president of her class all four years of high school and was so cool she went to prom five times. Emily has lived in a lot of cities and had a lot of different jobs since graduating from Savannah College of Art and Design. She once applied to be a cashier at Whole Foods and wrote such a good cover letter she was interviewed to be the general manager instead. Emily has also been a costume designer for dance, co-founded the production company/creative think tank The Idea Place, and produces the Perry-Mansfield New Works Festival and runs their theatre department in Steamboat Springs. She loves her dog Princess, Salt ‘n’ Pepa and Jameson Whiskey. She never runs out of energy, is always the life of the party and one of the most fun and creative people I know. In her free time at work, Emily also serves as the Artistic Associate of the DCPA Theatre Company and coordinates the Colorado New Play Summit.


Here at Off-Center, we’re not so interested in traditional theatre or a traditional submission process. We’re looking for interesting ideas, works in progress, new collaborations, and most importantly projects and artists that embody the ingredients of our Recipe. Please keep this in mind as you send us things. We’re not as interested in finished scripts as we are in videos, sketches, invitations to see your work and seeds of ideas. There is no secret formula to what we’re looking for, so think big and surprise us with something cool. Send us your ideas here.

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