Scene from DCA's Spamalot

If “life is a stage where every man must play a part,” our leaders are in the starring roles.

Founded in 1972, The Denver Center is led by an active and committed Board of Trustees and a senior leadership team comprised of:

Board of Trustees

Daniel L. Ritchie  Chairman and CEO
Donald R. Seawell Chairman Emeritus
Randy Weeks President/COO; Executive Director, Denver Center Attractions
William Dean Singleton Secretary/Treasurer
W. Leo Kiely III First Vice Chair
Robert S. Slosky Second Vice Chair
Dr. Patricia Baca 
Joy S. Burns
Isabelle Clark
Navin Dimond
Margot Gilbert Frank
Thomas W. Honig
Mary Pat Link
Trish Nagel
Robert C. Newman
Richard M. Sapkin
Martin Semple
Jim Steinberg
Peter Swinburn
Ken Tuchman
Tina Walls
Lester L. Ward
Dr. Reginald L. Washington
Judi Wolf
Sylvia Young

Senior Staff

Vicky Miles Chief Financial Officer
Randy Weeks President/COO; Executive Director, Denver Center Attractions
  • John Ekeberg Director of Programming, Denver Center Attractions    

Kent Thompson Producing Artistic Director
, Denver Center Theatre Company David Zupancic, Interim Director of Development
  • Jeremy Anderson Associate Director, Corporate Sponsorships
  • Tiffany Grady Associate Director, Annual Fund
  • Linda Mitchell Associate Director, Special Events

Jennifer Nealson
, Chief Marketing Officer
Clay Courter Director, Facilities Management