Thank you for contacting The Denver Center for the Performing Arts for your charitable organization’s donation needs. Not-for-profit organizations holding fundraising events can apply for ticket vouchers to a DCPA show. Unfortunately we are unable to accommodate specific show requests. We ask that you read the following guidelines to ensure a smooth application process:

  • Requests must be submitted on company letterhead.
  • The details / date of the event should be in the letter.
  • If a donation is required by a specific date to meet printing or production deadlines, it should also be stated in the donation request letter.
  • The request must be submitted by the end of the month that is two months prior to the date of the event or deadline (example: a request for an event held July 15 must be submitted by May 31).
  • Donation requests will be confirmed in writing and are approved / processed at the beginning of the month prior to the month of the event / deadline.
  • The approval letter will include a ticket voucher and relevant marketing materials for the show.
    • NOTE: The marketing material (heralds, bookmarks, etc.) is NOT the voucher. Expired vouchers will not be replaced. Restrictions may apply for the use of the vouchers (example: no Saturday shows). Please read ALL of the enclosed materials and fine print.

Submissions may be sent via e-mail (in Word or PDF format), fax or mail to:
   Tina Risch
   Audience & Community Engagement Manager
   The Denver Center for the Performing Arts
   1101 13th Street
   Denver, CO 80204
   Fax: 303.595.3528

Due to the high volume of requests, we ask that you do not call or send a follow up letter or e-mail. We process inquiries as quickly and efficiently as we can.

Thank you for your interest! Good luck in your fundraising endeavors!